Laboratory diagnostics

in our veterinary clinic we can do the following laboratory tests:

  • Haematological examination: complete blood count – determination of red blood cells and their parameters, reticulocytes, white blood count including differential white blood cell count, determination of platelet count
  • Biochemical examination: a wide range of examined parameters chosen according to the individual needs of patients – glucose, proteins, liver enzymes, total proteins, urea, creatinine, electrolytes and more
  • SNAP tests: rapid serological tests to qualitatively confirm FeLV / FIV, parvovirus, tick-borne diseases and Giardia
  • Urine analysis: physical properties, pH, glucose, protein, urobilinogen and blood content, microscopic examination of urinary sediment
  • Microscopic examinations: cytological examination of native and colored preparations (imprints, smears, scrapes, trichogram, body fluids, solid formations, examination of ejaculate)

In cooperation with specialized veterinary laboratories, we also offer parasitological examination of stool, examination of various hormones, determination of antibodies against rabies, analysis of urinary stones, histopathological examination, genetic tests and others.